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Delta Sigma Phi has been at Cal Poly since 1950. | Joseph Pack/Mustang News

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Update 3:29 p.m.:

Cal Poly spokesperson Jay Thompson released a statement regarding Delta Sigma Phi’s disaffiliation, clarifying the organization is no longer welcome at Cal Poly because of Student Code of Conduct and Cal Poly Fraternity and Sorority Life Alcohol and Drugs Policy violations.

The university began investigating DSP in March for facilitating the distribution and selling of illegal drugs after receiving information from local law enforcement agencies regarding the attempted robbery of the house in August 2014. The University officials found members of DSP had knowledge of the activity occurring between February and September 2014 and failed to take appropriate action. The fraternity was also found responsible for six violations of the California Code of Regulations governing standards of student conduct, Thompson said.

“The university is committed to supporting organizations that promote healthy and safe experiences for our students,” DeCosta said. “It is clear from our investigation that Delta Sigma Phi was not acting in accordance with these values, and their own stated values. Therefore, we made a decision to disaffiliate with them, allowing for a length of time for the chapter to engage in a substantive culture change.”

Update 3:01 p.m.:

DSP Executive Director Patrick Jessee released the following statement from the fraternity’s national organization:

“The National Office of the Delta Sigma Phi supports the Epsilon [Rho] Chapter’s decision to appeal the action by Cal Poly University to withdraw recognition of the chapter until 2020. The university decision was based on a flawed investigation and questionable information regarding the alleged misconduct of an individual last summer. Both chapter and national fraternity representatives actively investigated the matter and proactively addressed any concerns at the beginning of the school year. Members of the Epsilon Rho Chapter committed themselves to focusing their efforts on philanthropic and community service projects and increased investment into facility security and operational oversight, while choosing not to hold any events with alcohol this year. In addition, national fraternity representatives reviewed and revised chapter procedures. Chapter members have fully complied with all university and fraternity rules this year and should not be penalized for limited, individual misconduct.”

Though Dean of Students Jean DeCosta has yet to release the official reason behind the university’s disaffiliation, former president Gear McMillan was arrested in August on charges of possessing marijuana for sale and the possession of a controlled substance.

McMillan’s membership in DSP was suspended after his arrest by the fraternity’s national organization.

Original Post:

Cal Poly has disaffiliated Delta Sigma Phi (DSP) from campus, according to Dean of Students Jean DeCosta.

The fraternity will appeal the decision, which would keep them off campus until 2020, DSP president and business administration senior Derek Morefield said.

“We are extremely disappointed and frustrated the university decided to withdraw recognition of our chapter until 2020 based on loose information that points to limited, individual misconduct,” Morefield said in a text message. “The university decision was based on a flawed investigation and not supported by clear, factual evidence.”

Stay tuned for more updates as the story develops.

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