The Hill is named after the clarity achieved from hikes to Madonna, Bishop and the ridge above the P. When student hikers put in effort, they gain perspective.

Our goal is to tell important stories of Cal Poly’s students and staff through data, and to do that we need your help. If you have any tips about university spending on different programs, the difficulty of affording tuition or any other data-related stories you think we should cover, send them to us. We cannot guarantee every story will be investigated, but we can guarantee your information will help guide us.

Tips are appreciated. If you wish to be anonymous to us or our readers, we can investigate any information you give us but we will only quote you as an anonymous source if we know your identity, if the story is of great importance and if identifying you would cause harm. We encourage you to share or points us toward datasets.

Every story Mustang News has done is reliant on readers like you, and every story The Hill will do requires informed readers telling us about our blind spots and keeping us accountable so we can do the same to others.





26-226, opposite the Rec Center

For you

Some people enjoy digging around numbers. Some people, oddly enough, want to do it professionally. We are some of those people. Since we care about an informed student body and understand the innate need some have to dig through each database themselves, here are a network of sources for you to fool around with yourself. If you find anything interesting, send us an email. Or a phone call. Or text us, if you have one of our numbers. Thank you to the Office of Institutional Research, University Archives and all the organizations which make their information public. Let us know if there are any other datasets we should include.