Ryan Chartrand

Congratulations to you Cal Poly students who will finally graduate this year. We finally made it. We won’t have to worry now about our parents asking how much longer, but rather reiterating how our room back home has been changed into something completely different and we are not welcome anymore.

But this story isn’t just for anyone who will be graduating some time in 2007 – this is for those who decided four years wasn’t enough. Yes, this goes out to all you fifth years and sixth years and seventh.OK what the hell are you seventh years still doing in school?

It is for you college students who have been able to milk out every class at Poly. This includes taking bowling three times and if taken again, you won’t get credit. We have come to realize graduating in four years is like leaving the party at 9 p.m.

And rightly so. What do we have to look forward to in the real world? While in college, you may have been considered a drinking champion by winning almost every game of Beirut or King’s Cup, but do you know what they call people like that outside of college? Yeah. Alcoholics.

But we still have this final year to crystallize our college experience. If you’re that lazy student who’s about to bum a house for a few months or if you actually can graduate in fall but want to take 16 units over three quarters, I salute you and your skills at persistent procrastination. Your college skills have reached their peak and I can only recommend teaching your ways to the lower classes.

We are the masters of switching majors every two quarters. Our parents must have had all the patience in the world when we told them we were switching from engineering to psychology. But the only thing better than our academic background is our ability to register for classes. Back when we had POWER, we might have been the kids who registered an hour after our assigned time because we were too caught up on all the crazy classes we found (yeah, I took People, Pests and Plagues and loved it).

This will be it for us. We will be making that move into the real world in one year and starting real life jobs, or like the majority of us, sleeping on our parents’ couch watching the Price is Right. So my only advice would be to enjoy this year for all that it is. Go out every Tuesday night for Pint Night and go to Farmers’ Market on Thursdays to enjoy the atmosphere, because when this year is over, the college town of San Luis Obispo will not be the same as your hometown, wherever you are from.

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