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Advice from a super senior: four years is never enough

Congratulations to you Cal Poly students who will finally graduate this year. We finally made it. We won’t have to worry now about our parents asking how much longer, but rather reiterating how our room back home has been changed into something completely different and we are not welcome anymore.

Poly club sports growing, diverse

Fall sports have just begun and while everyone will be excited to see the football team in action at the renovated Alex G. Spanos Stadium, there are also excellent club sports that Cal Poly can offer:

Roller Hockey

The Cal Poly Roller Hockey club finished in first place last season among Division I teams in the Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League and finished 11th nationally.

Robert F. Kennedy Library welcomes librarian as new dean

Bookworms be ready, Cal Poly’s Kennedy Library is getting a new dean.

Michael Miller, a veteran librarian known for supporting research and instruction in higher education through the innovative use of emerging technologies, has been appointed the new dean of library services at Cal Poly.

Cal Poly athletes fend off heat with own tactics

It is every athlete’s worst enemy. No, not jock itch, but the heat.

With this summer’s temperatures reaching extreme highs, many Cal Poly coaches and athletes training for the fall season are taking action to fight off dehydration and potential heat stroke.

Mustang checks the top 3 hockey movies

While hockey usually doesn’t hit the big screen often, there have been a handful that truly grasp the essence of the coolest game on the earth. Here are the top three movies based around hockey.

1. Slap Shot

Did you think it was going to be anything else else? Hands down, the best hockey movie ever made.

Campus beekeeper explains the magic of honeybees

Scott Jeffreys squats down and draws his nose closer to the ground. He directs his nostrils towards a gaping black hole that comes from the bottom of a white box. Honeybees about half an inch in length buzz their wings at the entrance to the white box. They are ventilating their hive.

California enters an energy crisis

The power is still on, but for how much longer?

Californians are asking this question as the California Independent System Operator Corporation (California ISO), the hands behind the power grids throughout the state, announced Tuesday that if power levels do not drop over the next few days, then a Stage Three power emergency could ensue.

Summer intramurals , Season Two begins July 28 with 3-on-3 tournament

After being on hiatus since 2001, ASI has decided to open up intramurals to all summer school students.

“ASI is always looking to try new things, so we thought we would try running a summer season of intramurals again,” said ASI Program Coordinator, Greg Avakian.

Carolina takes first Cup in seven-game thriller

Canada’s hockey teams were able to do it again. No, not win the prized Stanley Cup, but instead lose it in seven games for the second season in a row.

The Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Edmonton Oilers 3-1 in Game Seven on Monday at the RBC Center in Raleigh, N.