It all began with the “goop.” Now, The All Good company is known around the United States for their sustainable natural care products.

The All Good company creates natural skin- and sun-care products made with pure ingredients. Their products include sunscreen, lip balm, body lotion and a healing salve they call “goop.” The natural body care company has been a certified B Corporation since 2009 and a member of 1% for the Planet since it was founded in 2006.

This year, the company became the first Morro Bay certified green business. The certification is based on a business’ energy and resource usage, who they support and their environmental and sustainability impacts.

“I think it just helps our community know it’s possible and to see a responsible business happen in your own neighborhood and in your own backyard,” All Good employee Lindsey Bolton said. “It can really be a good bridge and stepping stone and hopefully inspire people in the community to look at ways we can all take a little bit more action and social responsibility.”

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What is All Good all about? The “Goop”

“All Good goop is, in a way, I would say, the product that is the heart and soul of the company,” All Good employee and Cal Poly alumni Pancho Gomez said. “It was the first thing we made.”

Company founder Caroline Duell created the salve while going to massage school and guiding rock climbing with her husband. After installing a medicinal herb garden on a farm in West Marin, she created the all-natural healing product.

“It was just fitting to be in California because everything is ‘all good all the time,’” Duell said.

The goop is a combination of beeswax and oil, which is infused with medicinal herbs including comfrey, calendula, yarrow, plantain and lavender. Several of the herbs are grown locally at Four Elements Farm, located between Morro Bay and Atascadero.

“It’s the equivalent of a natural neosporin. Any cut, wound, sore, anything that’s hurting on your body that’s open, all the herbs are super antibacterial and they support healing, so it’s going to help wounds close faster,” All Good Warehouse Team Leader and Cal Poly alumna Lindsey Mitchell said. “I use it everywhere.”

The All Good goop is made weekly at the solar-powered Morro Bay Community Kitchen.

“Every jar of All Good goop is hand-poured in this kitchen,” All Good Warehouse Production Lead Audrey Taub said.

Taub is one of several women working in the all-women warehouse, who produce anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 ounces of All Good goop and send it all over the world each week.

“It’s pretty badass,” Mitchell said. “All the truck drivers are pretty familiar with the warehouse full of ladies driving the forklift. The feeling there is so team-oriented and productive and positive.”

In addition to the goop, All Good is known for their chemical-free sunscreen — which is made purely of zinc-oxide, in terms of the sunscreen agent. Unlike other brands, All Good’s sunscreen contains no chemical absorbing sunscreen agents, so everything essentially sits on the skin.

“A lot of other products out there, even ones that claim to be reef friendly, have chemical sunscreen agents in them,” Gomez said. “Those chemicals are now under scrutiny by the FDA, because it’s been found that those chemicals leach into [the] bloodstream well beyond the safely accepted levels.”

These chemicals are known to be endocrine disrupters, which have been shown to end up in breast milk and have been found in infants, according to Gomez.

“Buying All Good products [is] really amazing, because they’re organic, they’re sustainable [and] everything in them includes natural ingredients,” business marketing senior and All Good intern Chelsea King said. “There’s no parabens, they’re not tested on animals and it’s nice to be able to read the label and understand where the ingredients are coming from.”

The company is pushing to improve the way their products are packaged, looking to aluminum, glass or other technologies that are biodegradable or compostable.

“Being a company that is rooted in caring for our employees and caring for our surroundings is a good example [of] how a business can both profit and grow and at the same time be very conscious of business practices,” Duell said.

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