"Denim is rock and roll," business administration sophomore Ryan Cernik said. | Will Peischel/Mustang News

Will Peischel
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Admit it. For better or worse, you love denim.

Denim is your most consistent friend. From our first steps to our first divorce, denim is there to support us — whether in the form of blue jeans, a jean jacket or a silly train conductor hat.

There may not be an official day during the year to celebrate denim. But if there was one, we at Mustang News think it would probably fall between November 9 and 15. With that in mind, here’s a list of seven reasons why blue cottons are the bee’s knees.

1. Canadian tuxedos

Oftentimes, the combination of a denim jacket and jeans is called a “Canadian tuxedo.” What else is Canadian? Drake, and he’s the trendiest guy around. Just think about that when you’re YOLOing down Higuera Street wearing those sweet cut-offs.

2. Legacy

We bet your mom wore denim, and her mom before her. Maybe your dad even tried it out when he was in college. The point stands, denim is a tale as old as time. It doesn’t plan on going anywhere, so accepting its place in society would be wise.

3. The red blouse

We all have one. That red blouse that just seems to clash with just about everything filling the closet. Guess what? You could spice things up a little by pairing that blouse with your bleached denim jacket. Roll up the sleeves if you’re trying to make some extra heads turn.

4. Blue

More often than not, denim is blue. Blue also happens to be really “in” right now with those millennials. Remember that song “Mr. Blue Sky”? We certainly hope you do. It’s also “in” — just like denim. Coincidence? Nope.

5. Bullies hate denim

Remember Jeff? He took your lunch money in sixth grade. He also gave you wedgies and told the girl you liked that you ate your boogers. Jeff was the worst. He also absolutely hated denim. That guy wore khakis every single day, and his moral compass needed some serious reconfiguration.

6. Denim is gender-neutral

Go ahead, admit it: You’ve shopped through the women’s section of the thrift store looking for just the right fit — even if you aren’t a woman. There’s nothing wrong with it. Cool skinny jeans are cool skinny jeans. That’s the beauty of it. Denim is blind. Denim loves us unconditionally.

7. Denim is resilient

You can wear denim like five or six times between washes. You probably can’t say that about most of your friends or family.

But don’t just take our word for it — here are five Cal Poly students who shared their views on denim.


“It’s alright,” computer science sophomore Mark Lee said.


“I’d rather wear more athletic clothes,” biology sophomore Tina Raeisi said.


“They fit very comfortably,” civil engineering junior David Poltorak said.


“It’s super comfortable and I feel like I can wear it with anything,” food science freshman Sarah Santos said.


“Denim is rock and roll,” business administration sophomore Ryan Cernik said.

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