Elijah Winn is an environmental earth and soil science sophomore and Mustang News opinion columnist. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Mustang News. 

Motherhood is a phenomenon that is, but shouldn’t be, understood. The power and strength it takes to be a mother is immeasurable. Everyday, super humans walk among us and it is easy to take for granted what they actually do. 

To me, motherhood is sacrifice, embrace and tirelessness. Lasting lifetimes, the true beauty of motherhood is in its metamorphosis. From kissing scraped knees to helping alleviate the pain of a breakup, the stresses of life or the pressures of becoming an adult, a mother is always there. She finds time in the face of life’s challenges that women face constantly. The grace and beauty of women that raise a child through adolescence to adulthood is breathtaking. 

The conventional nature of motherhood is so interesting. It is inherently conventional, but the magic of the seemingly mundane is miraculous. The mundanity of motherhood is ironically ambiguous and inexplicable. 

There is subtlety: the subtlety of knowing a child and balancing what they need with what they want; a subtlety of constantly projecting the warmth of a blanket and support as strong as steel. 

There is exhaustion: the exhaustive efforts that unconditional and constant love demands is infinite; the exhaustion of worry and negative possibility; the exhaustion of being a woman and guiding your child through life no matter the age. 

There is love and pride: something so discussed and investigated yet not truly understood.

There is strength: the amount of strength it takes to be there during the highest of highs and to pick up the pieces during the lowest of lows. 

Motherhood, in its conventionality, is rich and diverse. Yet it is something so regular and can be found in so many places –– it can be found traditionally, or in an older sister, a family friend, an aunt or any significant woman in your life. The wonders of motherhood are lost in its frequency. 

A zealous subscription to the traditional definitions of motherhood is obtuse and undervaluing. It grossly disregards that motherhood should not be conscripted to roles or specific ideas. Motherhood is an amalgamation of so many elements that strangely combine into normalcy and routine.  

Motherhood is something you do, not something you are. It is something that is peaceful and good, something that fuels, and something that is beautiful.

Thank you to all mothers. Thank you, Mom.