A previous year's Mustang Mile at the starting line. Credit: Maddie Harrell / Mustang News

The 11th annual Mustang Mile 5K Fun Run returns to campus this Wednesday May 17, at 6:30 p.m. starting on Perimeter Road at the Cal Poly Recreation Center.

The Mustang Mile is held in honor of Cal Poly student Carson Starkey, who passed away from alcohol poisoning in 2008. 

“We work in partnership with the campus and Starkey family to ensure the underlying message of the event is empowering students to be active bystanders and to take care of themselves, all while participating in Carson’s favorite pastime, running,” ASI Executive Director Michelle Crawford said. “If through this event, we can help one student be more comfortable and confident in their skills to be proactive bystanders, we have succeeded in our mission.” 

The race is held by ASI Events in collaboration with the WITH US Center for Bystander Intervention, an organization which seeks to combat bystander apathy and empower communities of proactive bystanders to “improve the health, safety, and success of college students.” 

The Mustang Mile features a costume contest and prizes, and participants are recommended to gather a group and register as a team. Registration for this event is required. 

The first 250 people that register will receive a limited-edition “swag bag” with a 2023 Mustang Mile T-shirt and other items. 

Tickets cost $15 for an individual to participate or $40 for a group of four and can be purchased at the Cal Poly Athletics Center ticketing site.