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Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong will not focus on semester conversion — an issue that gripped campus for the majority of this past academic year — for “four or five years,” he said in an interview Monday.

“I am not going to bring up the topic, I am not going to discuss the topic unless I have to,” Armstrong said. “We’re working on quarters. We’re going to continue to work as a quarter campus as long as we possibly can.”

The president in March ended nearly a year of inquiry into converting Cal Poly from quarters to semesters by telling campus in an email he would work with California State University Chancellor Timothy White to begin moving the university to semesters by 2020. Students and faculty criticized the decision, though the president maintained that negotiations between himself and White led to a fair compromise for Cal Poly.

Before the announcement, both Associated Students, Inc. and the faculty Academic Senate made formal recommendations to Armstrong that Cal Poly stay on quarters. Armstrong also made a similar recommendation to White.

Sean McMinn contributed to this staff report.

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  1. Great. So he won’t mention it in public, but will say what he wants behind the scenes. Campus doesn’t get upset, but the bad stuff still happens. Perfect

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