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The 2006-07 Associated Students, Inc. President Todd Maki and 25 members for the board of directors were announced unofficially on Thursday, May 4 after a 22.5 percent voter turnout.

Maki defeated opponent Anne Giapapas with 2,746 votes to 958 and will assume the role of ASI president on June 12, the Monday after graduation.

Becca Swanson, ASI chief of staff, said she anticipated “the continuation of all the things happening in ASI” as a result of Maki’s presidency – a position which she said can require anywhere from 80 to 120 hours a week.

After he had been unofficially declared the 2006-07 president on Thursday, Maki said he was impressed with the turnout of all the student voters and that he was proud to have had such support.

The 22.5 percent turnout did not reach ASI’s goal of 25 percent, but it far exceeded past election results. The annual numbers have been in slow decline since 2003 when 20.6 percent of the campus voted. Last year saw a 15 percent turnout.

“I think overall this year was a huge success,” said John Azevedo, chair of the ASI elections committee. “It was still a great number and a great improvement. We’re definitely moving in the right direction.”

Swanson echoed those thoughts and added that Cal Poly’s election results are far better than the election numbers reported by other California State Universities, which are often between 6 and 8 percent.

“I was very, very excited – I didn’t think it would end up being that high,” she said, noting that her personal goal was 20 percent. “All the candidates did a really good job telling people to vote.”

Of the 45 candidates running for board of directors, only 25 were selected and positions were limited based on the college.

Agricultural business senior Jared Samarin was reelected for his fourth year as one of five representatives for the College of Agriculture.

“I’m the resident old guy,” said Samarin, who is looking to hold the position of chair of the board, a decision which will be made later this month.

Samarin said it is “blatantly obvious” that there is a need for a new recreation facility, especially with the new Poly Canyon housing complex. He plans to look into plans for a new facility, as well as help clubs in getting the money they need.

“It’s the students’ money ” we might as well give it to them,” he said.

Other 2006-07 board of directors members include Amanda Rankin, Kyle Robertson, Brandon Souza and Mia White from the College of Agriculture; Azlynn Hare, Heather Josten and Greg Wiley from the College of Architecture and Environmental Design; Lindsey Bauer, Tony Guntermann, Arvand Sabetian, Rachael Severn and Nicole Stromsness from the College of Engineering; Zach Austin, Rob Blanco, Sarah Eldridge, Ruthie Osorio and Lana Smith from the College of Liberal Arts; Laura Baldwin, Daniel Berger and Jeff Mohr for the College of Science and Mathematics; and Jessica Gibbons, Nick Motroni, Melissa Robbins and Matthew Taylor for the Orfalea College of Business.

The May 4 results are still subject to change, but official results will be announced once they have been approved by the current board of directors on May 17, Azevedo said.

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