Cal Poly’s first quarterly electronic newsletter for students, containing messages from ASI officers, information on co-sponsorship, and news about the recent California State University fee increases was released by ASI on Wednesday.

The e-newsletter titled, “The Student Government Connection,” is one of ASI’s many attempts to make sure students stay up to date on important campus issues, ASI President Tylor Middlestadt said.

Middlestadt said that the launch of the e-newsletter will help get students more familiar with their ASI representatives, give a direct link to the student government and give students a better understanding of the major topics confronting the student government.

“The newsletter sounds like a solid attempt at getting students more connected,” business senior Adrian Mardyks said. “Issues concerning this campus, especially fee increases, are important to me.”

Some of the key issues in this quarter’s e-newsletter are the recent CSU approval of the most aggressive sustainability policy in the nation and the fight against CSU fee increases, Middlestadt said.

One specific goal of the sustainability policy includes an energy conservation goal in which campuses will reduce energy consumption by 15 percent by the end of the fiscal year 2009-10.

The e-newsletter also contains specifics on the more than 200 students who protested the recent 8 percent increase to the State University Fee (SUF).

The newsletter is just one new channel that leaders are using to reach the students.

According to a recent press release, ASI officers began using student government-specific AOL Instant Messenger names to give students more access to their representatives.

Students can go the ASI Web site ( and click on AIM icons to send a message and get a quick response from ASI representatives.

Middlestadt said he is in his office most of the day signed on to his instant messenger account. On average, he receives between three and five messages per week concerning a number of issues.

“Here at student government, we really appreciate any student input or feedback,” Middlestadt said. “We are working hard to bring ASI to the students and the students response helps us improve the Cal Poly campus.”

ASI is currently planning to set up a student a student government community in the residence halls to further promote interaction with students.

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