Sometimes I just cannot believe the idiocy of some of the people who write in to the newspaper. There is nothing “modest” about Brenton Campbell’s proposals. They are totally impractical and completely undeveloped.

First of all, the construction of proper catacombs would take a long time and a lot of money, and you can’t even see them because they’re underground. A pyramid, on the other hand, can at least be seen and appreciated. We could put one up next to the new faculty housing and tell them it’s their new retirement plan.

And cannibalism. Though I admit that this practice may represent an improvement to on-campus dining, Mr. Campbell has given no practical plan for the implementation of his proposal. Where will we find people to eat? One plan could be to cleanse our school of less promising students. Instead of expelling those who are likely to work in the food industry anyway, we should offer them an “alternative job” in campus dining. Oh, and let’s eat the English majors, they’re useless.

And why even bring up the noble Korowai tribe into his lame argument? Why is he making fun of other cultures? What a bigot. He has a point about the communism though. I’m serious. Send me a CCCP button.

Mary Bryte

General engineering sophomore

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