I would like to respond to Mr. Chowdhry’s commentary in the Mustang Daily on Monday. First, Israel never stopped the payment for the collected taxes. She reversed her original decision and paid ALL the money due to the Palestinian Authority. Israel did not want to give the money to Hamas because of the fear that they would use it to commit more acts of terrorism, including more suicide bombings. Suicide bombing should never be condoned or supported by any leaders or countries, especially religious leaders.

He goes on to accuse Israel of being a dictatorship, and that Israel dictates Palestinian politics. So how did Hamas get elected by the Palestinian people if Israel was there muddling in their politics?

Mr. Chowdhry describes how it is not freedom of speech to insult people’s faiths and their religious figures. Israel, however, is constantly vilified in the press and the world by people simply because it is a “Jewish” state, which is in line with insulting the Jewish faith.

Jeff Pathman

Computer engineering junior

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