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What you need to know about voting in San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly students can find out their polling place through a link on their portal homepage.

Annual Design Village encourages students to find their “Aura”

Architecture Graveyard became home to hundreds of students Open House weekend.

Men’s soccer looks forward to the future after playoff loss

“In the past two years we have really come together and jelled, and our players and coaching staff have come together at a better level,” Pridham said. “There is a positive change in the connection that has been built over the past two years. The chemistry and togetherness between the players and the coaching staff really pushed the team to the next level this year.”

Freshmen introduced to Blue-Green Rivalry

“The atmosphere was excellent, just excellent,” food science freshman John Vollmer said. “It was exactly what I wanted to see in a sporting event live and exactly how the college soccer culture should be.”

Men’s basketball looks to future after intrasquad game

“I was very pleased with the intrasquad game,” head coach Joe Callero said. “The No. 1 thing in sports is competitiveness, and we want to be a highly competitive team.”