Opinion: Cheerleaders deserve priority registration

As a member of the Cal Poly Cheer and Stunt team, I speak on behalf of each and every one of my teammates when I say that we deserve priority registration.

Men’s soccer looks forward to the future after playoff loss

“In the past two years we have really come together and jelled, and our players and coaching staff have come together at a better level,” Pridham said. “There is a positive change in the connection that has been built over the past two years. The chemistry and togetherness between the players and the coaching staff really pushed the team to the next level this year.”

Underclassmen take over women’s volleyball

They may have been one of the top players at their high schools, but in the college world they are starting over.

Ahead of nationals, top cross-country runners share mental secrets to success

“Racing is the time to make all of our hard work pay off, and the reason why we push ourselves every day, so it’s important to just enjoy every experience and to have fun”

Women’s soccer finds positives after tournament elimination

After scoring the first goal of the game, the team eventually fell to a nail-biting series of penalty kicks. Despite the dissatisfying loss, the girls regrouped and appreciated their hard work exerted on the field.

Cross-country newcomers balance competition with passion

“We put all that effort into workouts, which is fun. But ultimately we train to race, and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is pretty addicting.”

Volleyball in recovery after loss against UCSB

“It was a hard match for us to generate kills and to score points from our side of the net,” head coach Sam Crosson said. “Usually in volleyball, the team that hits for higher efficiency will win more times then not.”

Freshmen introduced to Blue-Green Rivalry

“The atmosphere was excellent, just excellent,” food science freshman John Vollmer said. “It was exactly what I wanted to see in a sporting event live and exactly how the college soccer culture should be.”

Football team tackles season injuries

As it preps for the game against UC Davis, the Cal Poly football team has to deal with the challenges of gameplay as well as setbacks from player injuries.

Women’s soccer team prepares to buck the Gauchos

The men aren’t the only ones preparing for battle against the Gauchos. The women’s soccer players are readying themselves for their away game in Santa Barbara, also.

Men’s basketball looks to future after intrasquad game

“I was very pleased with the intrasquad game,” head coach Joe Callero said. “The No. 1 thing in sports is competitiveness, and we want to be a highly competitive team.”