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Expo shows technology for the disabled

Ever seen a portable rocket launcher? What about a way for quadriplegics to bowl? The College of Engineering displayed these and more at their Senior Design Expo Thursday at the Bonderson Projects Center on campus.

The college showcased 50 projects from 170 graduating students in the fields of biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer engineering.

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1st District seat faces competition

After 19 years at the helm of San Luis Obispo County’s 1st District seat, incumbent Harry Ovitt faces stiff competition from Paso Robles Mayor Frank Mecham. With two years of experience as a Paso Robles planning commissioner, another two years as a city council member and 16 years as Paso Robles mayor, Mecham may be ready to move on to the county level.

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Alumna teaches aerial dancing

Those who watch the ribbon dancers at Cirque du Soleil may wonder, “How do they do that?” Perhaps the more daring ask, “How can I learn to do that?”

The Central Coast offers a venue for both the curious and the daring to satisfy their desires.

Hidden away in Grover Beach, 20 minutes south of San Luis Obispo, is ECHO Artspace, a warehouse where Cal Poly alumna Rebekah Leach teaches aerial dancing classes.

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Rats fuse modern rock with Celtic styles

Portland-based singer Casey Neill and the Norway Rats, which includes Jenny Conlee of indie rock band The Decemberists, will play a show at San Luis Obispo’s City/County Library – the actual library, not THE Library for all you booze hounds out there.

Casey Neill and the Norway Rats claim to fuse modern rock with punk, Americana and Celtic styles, and are currently promoting its third album, “Brooklyn Bridge,” which was released almost one year ago.

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'Rodeo' ballet not as good as it sounds

At least it sounds interesting.

“Rodeo,” the Ballet Theatre of San Luis Obispo’s Saturday and Sunday premiere of the 1942 Aaron Copland ballet, tells the story, through dance, of a little ol’ cowgirl in love with a rodeo’s head wrangler. In an effort to impress him, she tries to join the rodeo and we watch her fail miserably when she falls while miming – elegantly – a wild bucking bronco.

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Ohio track tandem teams up at Poly

Two Cal Poly track and field freshmen, Jerae Byrd and Jasmine Pickett, have more than the first letter of their names in common. Both hail from Ohio – 2,341 miles away from the sunny landscapes of San Luis Obispo.

How did two Ohioans end up so far from home?

Both excelled in their respective premier events (hurdles for Byrd and jumps for Pickett) and, although the athletes grew up in separate towns, over the summer they shared the same coach, whose daughter attended Cal Poly.



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