Brendan Pringle
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Occupy Wall Street: A senseless response

Brendan Pringle is an English senior and Mustang Daily conservative columnist. The economy has tanked without clear signs of recovery, and we’re all sick and tired of it. Here at Cal Poly, only 65 percent of those who graduated in…

California Dream Act less than a dream

Brendan Pringle is an English senior and Mustang Daily conservative columnist. It was a landmark day for illegal immigrant advocates all over the state of California when Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Dream Act — a bill that grants…

November 2: A renewed hope for real change

We all have friends that have graduated in the last couple years, but how many of these friends have actually found a full-time job or career? Most likely, the answer is “not many.” According to the Economic Policy Institute, “the…

Obama’s Poor Way of Dealing

President Obama always seems to hide away from the public eye at times when he should be attacking issues head-on.

New president should learn from Baker’s blunders

As three contenders fight for Cal Poly’s top position, we should all address the tasks facing our next leader. For the last 30-plus years, Warren Baker has seen Cal Poly climb to national recognition and subsequently plummet in overall “excellence.”

Obama’s plans don’t bode well for graduates

Since President Obama’s masterful speechwriter was unavailable, I have taken the liberty of extending his message to all the pending graduates who are about to begin one of the most perilous journeys of their lives: finding a job.

Finally Some Immigration Control

Arizona’s illegal immigration law demands proper immigration documentation, illegalizes the transport of illegal immigrants, and prohibits people from blocking traffic as they try to solicit work. So why are so many radicals boycotting Arizona?

The tea party movement is twisted and misunderstood

We have all heard the media denounce the tea party movement as nothing more than a group of angry, uneducated white guys protesting taxes in revolutionary attire.

Businesses, students harmed by government’s far reach

The recent Matt Hurlbutt tragedy has shed light on an important issue facing the university — the need for designated driver programs.

The Wrong Time for Playing Ghandi

Recently, White House representatives have compared President Obama’s nuclear posture to that of the Reagan Administration; President Reagan must be rolling in his grave.

Obama’s distorted priorities are bringing the U.S. closer to socialism

We are a society based on individual rights and the ability to run our own lives. These principles have gradually been washed away by the growth of the welfare state.