Brendan Pringle
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Obama preserves the illusion of change by forcing health care plan through reconciliation

Well, they didn’t want to do it, but those darn, uncompromising Republicans have forced Democratic lawmakers to proceed in desperation.

“Inclusive excellence” is a flawed solution to a growing issue

Cal Poly has been sucked into the growing movement formally known as “inclusive excellence.”

The other side of progressivism

During Glenn Beck’s moving speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last Saturday, Beck argued that the single largest problem facing the nation, ironically, is “progressivism.”

Fighting Fire with FIRE: Freedom of Speech on Campus

We have all heard the unusual arguments for free speech in situations of burning flags, but we often fail to acknowledge the day-to-day restriction of free speech on college campuses.

Country should look to Reagan’s example during trying times

Thirty years ago, America faced almost the same problems that it faces today. President Jimmy Carter preached that the sky was falling.

Obama’s new budget asks for too much in an already stressed economy

On Monday, President Obama introduced the administration’s new $3.8 trillion budget plan. This unfathomable figure becomes even more daunting when you take a closer look at the projected deficit caused by this budget: $1.267 trillion.

Health Care Reform: Where’s the Fire?

One cannot even begin to comprehend the full implications of such a health care reform policy, especially in the period of a few months. Congress is rushing for the sake of rushing.