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Hard drives, SSDs and UEFI: The Information Revolution is nigh

Processors, graphics cards, memory and transfer rates are all becoming so fast that the longest time is spent actually searching for, reading and writing data on the HDD. No one likes waiting on file transfers and loading, and luckily there is a solution: Solid State Drives (SSDs).

Zero to 140,000: The future is quickly approaching

Would you go to Mars if the chance presented itself? Technology buff David Dynes would — and at Mach speeds.

Privacy matters on the Internet

Online privacy is a growing concern for Cal Poly students and staff. Find out ways to protect your information from resident techie David Dynes.

Your data stored in the clouds

Have you ever wondered if it would be possible to log onto a computer you have never used before, but have all your applications, data and settings from your home computer?

‘Super’ WiFi and Cell Service over airwaves

Ever been stuck in a classroom with no cell service? How about trying to find wifi on a road trip or hotel? There is a light at the end of the tunnel; a really bright light.