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Cal Poly (2-2), coming off a come-from-behind victory against Portland State, faces Yale (2-0) on Saturday in San Luis Obispo.

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For the first time in history, Cal Poly football is hosting Yale  at Alex G. Spanos Stadium. Ranked in the FCS, Cal Poly is a favorite but the Bulldogs have a high-powered offensive and is yet to lose in 2013. Follow along for updates.


On Cal Poly’s first possession, Chris Brown fumbled a toss play on the fifty yard line, but the Mustangs defense held Yale to a punt.

The Bulldogs forced Cal Poly to punt on its second possession, but broke through the line and blocked the kick. Yale took over on the Mustangs 40-yard line. A big play down the seam put Yale inside the 10-yard line. The Mustangs thought they had held the Bulldogs to a field goal on fourth down, but Yale faked the kick from the 3-yard line and dashed into the end zone for six points. Yale leads 7-0 with 3:52 to go in the first quarter.

Following Yale’s lead, Cal Poly elected to go for a first down on 4th-and-1. Kristaan Ivory took Brown’s pitch across the marker to keep the drive alive. Mustangs have not been a first-half team this year, and they appear to be living up to that label so far today.

However, the gamble on fourth down paid off as Brandon Howe took a handoff up the gut and barrelled into the end zone to tie the game at seven apiece. Cal Poly tied Yale 7-7 with 44 seconds remaining in the first quarter.

Better pic of Howe td. #bigskyfb pic.twitter.com/8LdTAjNrBN

— Fansmanship (@fansmanship) October 5, 2013

The quarter ends with Yale driving into Mustangs territory once again. A late hit on the kickoff return gave Yale excellent field position for the third time on three drives today.


Yale was forced to punt and Cal Poly took over, driving to the Yale 40, before being stopped on third down and punting away.

Cal Poly was mounting another drive and Brown through he had Willie Tucker bolting down the field, but he failed to see the Bulldogs safety who easily jumped the route and intercepted his pass. Brown made the tackle on the return, but Yale is now into Cal Poly territory again. The Bulldogs offense faltered again at midfield and they punted away to Cal Poly, which took over at their own 5-yard line.

Willie Tucker was down on the sideline and looked like he was hurt badly, but after a few minutes he popped up and is limping around on the sideline.

Yale punted away, but as it was landing it hit a Mustang and the Bulldogs recovered on the 24-yard line with less than two minutes to go. In yet another quirky turn to an ugly game, Cal Poly blocked Yale’s field goal attempt with less than a minute to go.

Bobby Zalud hits a line drive 53-yard field goal to end an incredibly strange half of football. Cal Poly leads 10-3 at the break.


Yale takes possession to start the half.

Alex Hubbard is making his presence known in the third quarter after sitting out the first half due to a suspension for a targeting foul against Portland State. He stopped Yale short on 3rd down in the red zone, forcing the Bulldogs into a field goal. The Bulldogs tied the game 10-10 with 7:41 remaining in the third quarter.

On Yale’s next drive, Cal Poly had stopped the Bulldogs on third down but an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Vante Smith-Johnson after the play kept the drive alive. The Bulldogs converted the mistake into seven points. Yale leads Cal Poly 17-10 with 2:49 to go in the third quarter.

At the end of the third quarter, Cal Poly is on the ropes. Yale has possession on their own 30-yard line and a seven point lead. The Mustangs have shown themselves to be a great second half team this year, but they’ll need yet another comeback to snag their third win.


The Cal Poly defense gets a critical 3-and-out, but the Bulldogs punter blasted a 68-yard punt to the Mustangs 5-yard line. Chris Brown is back on the field needing a score.

Karlton Dennis comes up with a giant interception for Cal Poly as the Bulldogs were once-again driving into Mustangs territory. Cal Poly takes over at their own 45-yard line. Cal Poly fails to convert the opportunity and Yale is on the move again, inside the Mustangs 40-yard line.

A 28-yard touchdown pass to Chris Smith of Yale has just about sealed a victory for the Bulldogs.


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