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Dean Phil Bailey to retire

Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics (building 180), Faculty Offices East, the research facility that will soon be full of laboratories for undergraduate research, the “Study 25-35” campaign, the DREAM Center: these are all Cal Poly legacies credited to one man: Phil Bailey. The College of Science and Mathematics (COSAM) dean will retire […]

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How the Craft Center handles its waste

Clay spins on a wheel while hands move softly around it, molding, folding and crafting it into a piece of art. A sunset red and orange fire melts glass into workable liquid that’s squished and stretched. Fine white powder flies out from underneath an electric saw and falls to the ground in the shadow of […]

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Up! Way Up! working on new EP

“Yeah, yeah drink with me! Yeah, yeah drink with me!” Fifteen friends yelled in the center of the recording studio. The cheers were so common after Friday night jam sessions that they started the first track of alternative rock trio Up! Way Up!’s newest EP. The scene had three musicians: Ryan Corvese on bass, Will […]