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Excessive exercise: Treading the line between a healthy habit and a problem

Whether it be hiking Bishop Peak or participating in a workout class at the Recreation Center, Cal Poly provides plenty of ways to stay fit. In fact, that’s one of the main features that sets this community apart. At what point, however, does the goal to become fit go from being healthy to obsessive?

Travel blunders not a thing of the past

The best part about studying abroad is learning things about yourself you never knew before. An inevitable change occurs and suddenly you find yourself becoming more independent, enjoying the little things in life and strengthening skills you lacked prior to this incredible journey.

Quarter abroad breeds homesickness

Not that this is groundbreaking news or anything, but life abroad absolutely defines the phrase “living the dream.”

En España, welcoming cultural differences and similarities

Well, it’s official: the two-month mark since the day I arrived in Europe has come and gone. The quarter is halfway over.

Oktoberfest, a celebration to remember

Every now and then, you have to look back and reflect on some of the greatest moments that influenced the person you are today.

Welcome to Spain: Embracing culture shock

Saludos desde San Sebastian, España!

Let’s take a minute to say that even though I arrived here more than a month ago, I still had to Google Translate that sentence.

Should you eat before you work out?

It’s a rare event, but don’t you love those mornings when you wake up and actually feel motivated to work out? Let’s get real, the trek to the Recreation Center before the hour of 10 a.m. can be described more as a struggle, but it does occur once in a blue moon.

Cinnamon Challenge, Pass-Out Game: popular pastimes, grave stakes

What exactly do you think it is about Tosh.0 and the television show Wipeout that makes them so addicting? Let’s point out the obvious: We love making fun of other people for doing stupid things.

Sleep on it: why students need shuteye

Sam Gilbert is a journalism sophomore and Mustang Daily health columnist. Week five really brings a plethora of emotions. Sure, we’re only five weeks away from the most beautiful season of the year, but we’re also dealing with the ugliest…

Positive vibes: the therapeutic effects of music

Ever heard a song on the radio that reminds you of the past, so you melodramatically turned to look out the window with one elegant tear rolling down your cheek like you’re a character in a movie?

“Sorry for partying” — something you might say to your body

Let’s take a minute to remember the middle of senior year in high school: You received your acceptance letter, shed tears of joy at the thought of living in the happiest city in America, and bought your Cal Poly sweatshirt…