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“It’s not a restaurant, it’s an experience:” Six Test Kitchen has become the first restaurant in San Luis Obispo County to earn an elite Michelin star

The year was somewhere around 2017 and food and beverage journalist Jaime Lewis had just arrived at the garage of a seemingly “normal ranch home” in Arroyo Grande. But when she walked in, what she saw was actually a fully functioning dining establishment. Taking a bite of head chef’s Ricky Odbert’s cooking, Lewis says she […]

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Increasing temperatures pose a threat to San Luis Obispo’s unhoused residents

For individuals who do not have access to air conditioning, such as the houseless community in San Luis Obispo, Pacific Gas and Electric Company spokesperson and marine meteorologist John Lindsey said that heat exhaustion and heat strokes become a real threat. “If you’re homeless, and you have very little resources, it’s hard for you to […]

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“No Harm Disarm” Teach-In educates faculty and students on issues with on-campus policing

This week, Students for Quality Education (SQE) and the California Faculty Association (CFA) joined forces to host “teach-ins” addressing issues with on-campus police and promoting their, “No Harm Disarm, Cops Off Campus” campaign.  Electrical engineering senior and member of Cal Poly SQE Alejandro Bupara said SQE has always been intentional in centering concerns and issues […]