Illustration by Joseph Corral
Illustration by Joseph Corral

Ashley DeVriend

Ready or not, spring quarter is here.

With only a week-long break in between winter and spring quarters, a new quarter has arrived sooner than students may have been prepared for.

But have no fear, spring quarter is known to have the most beautiful weather and most campus activities to enjoy. Grades typically go up for freshmen who are getting used to their college courses as well.

Recreation, parks and tourism administration senior Kelly Hedgecock is excited to see what the next 10 weeks will bring.

“I think spring quarter is the best, the weather is so amazing,” Hedgecock said.

With an increase in temperature comes an increase in style.

Spring quarter is Hedgecock’s favorite because of the vibe. Everyone is in shorts and sundresses and it is just more fun overall, she said.

Spring quarter brings new opportunities for extracurricular activities that weren’t as welcomed during winter quarter.

“The best part is being able to go to the beach because it is so close,” Hedgecock said. “I like going to Avila Beach because it’s big and I like the swings. I like the town, it’s so cute.”

Luckily, spring quarter is usually the least stressful for Hedgecock.

“I am usually less busy during spring because I try and take the least amount of classes,” she said. “I try and spend time doing other things like working or volunteering instead.”

While Hedgecock is less busy during spring quarter, Cal Poly’s campus is busy with events put on by Associated Students, Inc. (ASI).

ASI Public Relations Coordinator Michelle Broom said spring is primarily viewed as a time when students are coming out of their houses instead of staying inside, like they do during winter quarter.

“The main reason is the weather,” Broom said. “We have more sports to offer and a few more concerts in the plaza. It is an opportunity for ASI to provide more outdoor activities. Spring and fall have more events than winter.”

Keep an eye out for ASI events such as the craft sale on campus.

“We have our spring craft sale offered in fall and spring,” Broom said. “It is a pretty big event that is three days in the UU plaza.”

Recreation, parks and tourism administration junior and transfer student Christine McCann hasn’t experienced spring quarter at Cal Poly until now.

“I am looking forward to it, I have heard it is going to be hard once it is May because other schools get out,” McCann said.

Graduate student Karissa Watanabe has a positive outlook on the upcoming quarter.

“I like spring quarter a lot better than the others because it is sunny and we have summer to look forward to,” Watanabe said.

Watanabe feels busier during spring quarter because there is only one week of spring break beforehand, she said.

“As a Cal Poly student, the best part of spring quarter is going to the beach,” Watanabe said. “Shell Beach has a lot of college students, so I like going there.”

Unlike many students, chemistry associate professor Seth Bush thinks fall quarter is the best if he had to choose.

“If you pulled my arm I would say fall is the most exciting as a professor because everything is so darn brand new,” Bush said.

Spring quarter is a little rough a lot of the time because it comes right at you, he said.

Luckily for students and professors, students usually become more successful as the year progresses.

“I usually see grades rise by the time spring quarter comes around,” Bush said. “I teach general chemistry, so the freshmen start figuring it out a little more by the end of the year.”

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