Graphic by Ali Weiss
Graphic by Ali Weiss

Ashley Devriend

Beach or books? This question has to be answered on a daily basis for Cal Poly students during spring quarter.

It’s no secret that the beautiful weather San Luis Obispo will bring during the next 10 weeks can be a distraction from classes. Cal Poly professors and students shared their insight on how to stay focused and resist the temptation to skip class.

Statistics professor Beth Chance shared her perspective on how to focus on classes instead of how nice the weather is during spring quarter.

“Just remind yourself that the weather will be nice during the weekend too,” she said. “it’s not just nice during the week.”

One study technique that can help is to break things up. Work on something for a little, take a study break and then come back, Chance said.

“Exercise is a great study break,” she said.

Chance also said it is important to get help early on if needed, so students aren’t forced to cram for exams when they’d rather be enjoying the spring weather.

“Getting help when you need it is essential to making progress in the class,” Chance said. “Office hours are far better than tutoring, professors have a better perspective of their expectations. Sometimes it’s better to talk to the professor instead of friends.”

Students can’t be afraid to make mistakes, and to learn from their mistakes, Chance said.

English freshman Rhiannon Kelly looks forward to her first spring quarter and plans to keep her priorities straight.

“The weather is a distraction, but usually I’ll make a schedule so I can study for a few hours and then have time to go outside and play later,” Kelly said.

“You have to think about priorities and then plan accordingly,” she said. “You are obviously here for a reason and that’s to go to school.”

Kelly said she deals with stress by exercising or reading.

“I usually like taking classes in the morning so I can study and work later,” Kelly said. “This is still my first year, so I am probably used to my high school schedule still.”

Kinesiology sophomore Jacob Lafazio said he gets his work done so he can do what he wants later in the day.

“There are too many opportunities outside instead of doing schoolwork inside,” Lafazio said. “It is too easy to say ‘I’ll do it later.’”

“Other students need to realize that you have to be in class. If you don’t take the time now, you’ll have to do it on your own time,” he said. “It’s easier to just do it now instead of waiting and doing it later.”

Balancing social life and school can be a struggle. These tips are helpful to balance the different aspects of life. While social life is essential to enjoying college years, education is No. 1 for every student.

To sum up the insider advice: Go to office hours to get help from your professor and plan out your schedule to do your work now so you can have fun later.

Based on the feedback, the answer to the question is books now, beach later. Besides, summer is at the end of the tunnel.

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