Any student can be a elementary school teacher in three quarters of college.

Cal Poly professor Len Davidman on Aug. 30 will hold a meeting in Building 2, room 101 from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m., to discuss how any one student can begin an exciting career in teaching.

Students must call to register for the meeting. The best time to enroll is sophomore and junior year.

Students will save $35,000 to $45,000 on the three-quarter system, because most of the work will be done as an undergrad and students can return home to take the remaining teaching courses at any CSU campus.

Every CSU campus is mandated by law to have a multiple subject, single subject and liberal studies program to receive credentials.

Davidman said many students often become disenchanted with their degree choice and are curious about learning something new- that is an important aspect to becoming a teacher; it makes a great first career.

“Teaching elementary school is a very exciting career in the sense that it’s not predictable. Each year you start with new students and new families and you don’t get stuck in a rut,” Davidman said.

Davidman speaks from over 30 years of experience.

The secret to finishing in three quarters is for students to take the prerequisites while an undergrad.

Students get a leg up on the program by taking the prerequisites, three of which are offered consistently in summer. One of the three, introduction to the teaching profession (EDUC 300), gives students an idea of whether or not teaching is right for them. EDUC 300 requires 45 hours of kindergarten through sixth grade observation.

Other required items to complete before applying to the program are already done upon graduation from Cal Poly, such as passing the Graduation Writing Requirement, and taking speech and American/Californian government courses.

After graduation with degree in hand, students must pass the CSET exam by June 2008. The exam covers subjects such as science, mathematics, reading, literature, etc. With degree and CSET exam done, students apply for the graduate program at the school of their choice (this is where the three-quarter plan might change, because some campuses are on the semester system).

Enrolling in the program through Cal Poly, students begin fall 2008 and finish by spring 2009.

Many people at one point or another in their career ask themselves, “What am I doing here?” Davidman stated, but with teaching, the question is a positive one. Because no matter how difficult the job is, whether teaching children with disabilities or bilingual students, teachers make important contributions to society.

“We show students how to become memorable teachers,” said Davidman.

If students cannot attend the meeting, they are told to call the education office to see when the next fall quarter meetings are scheduled.

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