I realize the campus bike issue is almost a dead horse. Monday evening, I hit a bicyclist with my minivan. He was going the wrong way on a one-way street, had his iPod blaring, and refused to give his last name or even wait for the University Police Department or an ambulance. He took off, saying “I’m late for a job interview.” I don’t have a problem with bikes on campus; but I do have a problem when they’re on the wrong side of the road or not in a bike lane (which there aren’t enough of, by the way).

At first I felt bad for the bicyclist, but now I’m just mad. He broke the rules, he damaged my vehicle and then took off. Leaving the scene of an accident is a felony! So it’s no wonder bicyclists get a bad rap on campus – act like a jerk, and you’ll be treated like one. I’m angry that my tax dollars have to go to making new signs for bicyclists who choose to ignore the California vehicle code or even care for their own safety. For some good reminders of those rules, call 756-NEWS and listen to the message. Kudos to UPD for putting that message up and for helping me out when I called 911 on Monday night. Shame on you, Adam, for leaving the scene of an accident and not having the sense to be safe on your bike.

Tara Smith
Cal Poly staff member

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