As a reader of the Mustang Daily and a Cal Poly athlete, I am appalled by the decisions of which sports have had featured stories this past week. Specifically, I can not understand why a sport in their off-season would have a feature story about their recruiting class, when men’s soccer just had a huge win against conference leader and defending conference champion Cal State Northridge. Two pathetically written paragraphs thrown into a corner of the second sports page is hardly recognizable let alone fair. How are teams who work hard to turn their programs around supposed to gain the respect of their peers and build a bigger fan base if there is little to nothing written about them? Volleyball and Football aside, I am sick of seeing teams being skipped over or an afterthought in the sports section! As an athlete’s perspective the sports writers need to step it up and stick to what is relevent for the sake of those who play a sport at Cal Poly and for those who read your column.

Emily Hively
Communications senior

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