Von Garcia Balanon | Mustang News
Von Garcia Balanon | Mustang News

I’ve been navigating the sketchy waters of dating apps for a little over two years now and would consider myself well-versed in the art of the swipe. Regardless of the various platforms, Tinder, Bumble and, yes, sometimes even Hinge, I have come across the same tried and true characters. These are the boys (I hesitate to call them men) that I have found repeatedly on each that fit into very specific archetypes, but evidently not niche enough since there are enough of them to create a whole category. 

Now, as we’re approaching summer, if you are looking for a hot, steamy fling, here is a guide to the 15 people you will see on the Cal Poly dating scene. 

Click on each slide for the details of each character. 

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While swiping, please remember to stay safe during these times and to get tested in more ways than one – just because it’s relieving that after a date you didn’t get COVID-19, doesn’t mean “thank god, it’s only chlamydia!” 

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