Update Jan. 25:

Erica Reyes, a district representative for Salud Carbajal, confirmed that ICE arrested an undocumented individual Jan. 24 at 9 a.m.

According to Reyes, the arrest was relatively routine. ICE had “three warrants for undocumented individuals who had committed criminal acts,” Reyes said.

ICE then performed a targeted enforcement action in which they “staked out in front of the [private property] where they knew the individual was residing.”

The individual exited the house and left in a car. ICE followed the individual and carried out a traffic arrest.

The warrants for the individual were for Possession and Sale of a Controlled Substance, Driving Under the Influence and Possession of Stolen Property.

ICE has a field office in Santa Maria. According to Reyes, “the only times ICE carry out targeted enforcement actions are when they have a warrant; they will go to somebody’s home only if they know [an undocumented individual with a warrant] lives there.”

ICE won’t stay in a particular area after an arrest, but can return to do targeted enforcements at any time.

Original story

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) stopped an individual in their car who had a warrant related to drugs near French Hospital, according to an email from Rising Immigrant Students for Education advisor Catherine Trujillo.

The University Police Department is updating Dream Center Coordinator Katherine Zevallos Pastor and working to keep students protected, Trujillo said in the email.

Check back for continuous updates. 

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