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Sex has the ability to be hot. sweaty. romantic. passionate. mind-blowing. But it also carries with it the unwavering possibility of being awkward, strange or even downright comical.

Put yourself in this scenario: you’re with this special someone for the very first time, over at their place and feeling yourself getting caught up in the heat of the moment. You start to play twenty questions with yourself.

Should I pull a condom out of my purse or wait to see if they have one? What position will they want to do? Did I shave my legs today? Where should I put my hands? Am I flexible enough? While I’m kissing them, should my head do the left tilt, the right tilt, or a mix of both? Can they taste what I ate for dinner? I wish I had done my laundry and put my sexy panties on.

Forget the first time, because the 10th, 20th or even sixty-millionth time can result in the same level of awkwardness as when it all began. Something that we all must realize, however, is that awkward is not entirely a bad thing; sometimes the awkward and clumsy situations are the ones that we remember the most.

Now, I would like for you to brace yourselves for a personal story of awkward proportions. In one said sexual encounter, while on top and in the heat of the moment, I guess I was riding a little too excitedly when I heard a loud thud and at the same time felt a sharp pain run through the top of my head. I was so into it that I didn’t realize how close I was to the wall, and subconsciously decided that, mid-sex, it would be a good idea to try to knock it down with my head.

Needless to say, my head lost the battle with the wall. But want to know something? It was probably one of my favorite moments (though I’ve had many), because instead of ruining the moment, I looked down and we both started laughing. Laughing rather hard I might add, which made it more of a playful evening instead of a completely serious one.

What was quite possibly funnier was that the next time we were together, he looked at me and told me to watch my head. completely serious before cracking a smile. True story. Awkward and slightly embarrassing, yes, but very true.

Sex can be romantic, hot and sweaty or completely passionate. But in partaking in all of these amazing experiences, you have to take with the mind-blowing experiences those that are just kind of OK. The ones where halfway through you lay there thinking, wait, was that supposed to happen like that? The experiences where you did forget to shave your legs, or your pull your hamstring, or you even bump your head against the wall.

Smile and show that you’re enjoying yourself and their company. Show your appreciation with some noise every now and again. Touch them, kiss them and embrace them and all that they bring to the table. or bed, whichever location you may choose.

The most important thing to remember is that laughter is key. While I should say that laughing at the other person isn’t the best kind of foreplay, sometimes it is necessary. What’s even more fun is when you can laugh at and with each other. It takes embarrassment out of the situations that could cause you to get a red-faced blush, instead of the post-sex flush.

Who knows, maybe your first time together or your 56th time together could be the one for the memory books, that you can write a sex column about, helping people understand that sex should be fun. So keep it safe, enjoy the fact that you’re young and amazing, and don’t forget to watch your head.

Melissa Norman is a psychology senior and Mustang Daily sex columnist. You can contact her at cpbetweenthesheets@gmail.com.

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