Students got up close and personal with the upcoming election by stopping at C-SPAN’s “Road to the White House” bus.

Representatives who support different presidential candidates were also present to speak with students and hand out literature regarding respective candidates on Monday.

The event was set up to help Cal Poly students and members of the community educate themselves before the presidential primaries in February.

“We’re within a week of the election and people are starting to want to know what’s going on,” industrial engineering junior Conner Johnston said.

Representatives for candidates John McCain, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama set up tables for individuals to approach for information.

They were also speaking with students about the goals and political platforms of these candidates.

“People are surprisingly receptive,” journalism freshman Kevin Rouse said.

Students perused the area and visited various tables, listening to what representatives had to say about each candidate. Some took literature and bumper stickers that were being distributed.

“This is a good location so people will stop by to find out more about politics,” business junior Darryn Young said.

Many students said they were attending the event because they felt that they were not informed about the issues of the different candidates and were hoping to learn more.

“I’m totally unprepared and I came out to educate myself,” business sophomore Kim Todd said.

Some students also attended because their professors wanted them to learn about the different candidates as part of a class assignment, as the election is a current political issue.

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