Morro Bay resident Shea Martin was caught stealing a chocolate cake from Madonna Inn last week, according to a San Luis
Obispo Police Department (SLOPD) press release.

Madonna Inn owner Connie Madonna-Pearce saw the burglar commit the act while reviewing the restaurant security video footage. She then posted the footage on Facebook and asked if anyone could identify the man in the video. If so, she requested they call the inn.

A Facebook user did call and identified the man as Martin, the release said. A SLOPD officer then found one of Martin’s old county jail files and compared the file photo to the camera footage. There was a match.

SLOPD requested Morro Bay police confront Martin about the burglary. When they arrived at his residence, Martin initially ran out the back door, but he eventually cooperated. He later called SLOPD and talked to the officer in charge of the investigation.

The officer and Martin set up a time to talk, but Martin backed out, saying he could not make it.

The inn is currently filing a burglary charge against Martin, even though an unidentified female came into the restaurant a few days later to pay for the stolen cake, according to the release.

-Celina Oseguera

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