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Watch and Listen: Cal Poly Sailing Members Speak on Their Experiences With the Club

While many Cal Poly students spend their weekends at the beach, some choose to participate in a different activity by the water.  Cal Poly Sailing, also known as CP Sailing, is a Cal Poly-affiliated club sport team that practices at the Morro Bay Yacht Club on the weekends.  Communications senior Cory Quillen joined CP Sailing […]

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The man behind the maze: Cal Poly student creates mazes in the sand, washed away with the changing tides

Like clockwork, the tides in Morro Bay rise and fall every day. For just a few hours, the beach becomes a blank canvas that environmental management and protection sophomore Sean Dahlberg takes advantage of. With nothing more than a long curvy stick of driftwood and his imagination, Dahlberg gets to work.  Every project starts with […]

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SLO Bangers accepting donations for people displaced from Morro Bay encampment

The local SLO Bangers group is hosting a clothing and supply drive starting today, May 29, for houseless community members in Morro Bay who were recently displaced. SLO Bangers is a syringe exchange and overdose prevention program that helps individuals with substance addiction, aims to decrease the transmission of blood diseases and prevent drug overdoses […]