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Dan Lambert | Mustang News

The California State University announced last week that all students and employees accessing campus programs or facilities must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 heading into the fall quarter. This is for both on and off campus resources. 

According to an email sent out by the Vice President of Student Affairs on Monday, students who are living in university residential facilities must be fully vaccinated by Sept. 14. All other students must be fully vaccinated by Sept. 20. Click here to upload your proof of vaccination. This can also be accessed through the COVID-19 Info tab in the student portal.  

Students seeking medical or religious exemption must file to do so before Aug. 23. 

If a student is fully vaccinated, they need to upload proof of their vaccination. If a student has already submitted their proof of vaccination, they should confirm it in the system. 

If a student is planning on getting vaccinated by the September deadline but has not yet been vaccinated, they need to indicate their status in the system. Once vaccinated, then they can upload their records. 

If a student is not vaccinated and will not be accessing university facilities or programs for any reason, they need to indicate that in the system as well.

If a student is not vaccinated and is seeking exemption, they must declare their exemption in the system. Currently, no documentation is required at this time, but the university may ask for it in the future. Information regarding documentation will be provided to students who declare an exemption, according to the email.

The email also said that students who are not fully vaccinated, including those who are seeking medical or religious exemption, might be required to participate in ongoing COVID-19 testing throughout the academic year and wear facial coverings in all indoor settings, including residence halls. Students must also provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of moving into a campus residence hall or apartment or within attending their first day of in-person classes.

Some participation in certain campus activities may require vaccinations depending on public health conditions and vaccination rates. 

More details regarding vaccinations will be shared with students by early September and may be subject to change over the academic year. 

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