Credit: Bobby Groth | Mustang News

Cal Poly architectural engineering freshman Sean Ogawa Hillman is expected not to survive after a collision with a pick up truck Friday evening, according to a campus-wide email sent Monday morning.

Hillman, 20, was hit while riding his bike at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Fredericks Avenue around 4:30 p.m. on Friday. 

Hillman remains on life support at the local trauma center. 

Sunday night, the Office of the Dean of Students held a processing session for Hillman’s family and other students in his residence hall. 

Hillman was sent to Sierra Vista Hospital’s ICU with serious injuries after the accident, according to a city news release. Drugs or alcohol were not suspected to be a factor in the accident.

For students in need of crisis support, Campus Health and Wellbeing is offering virtual drop-in sessions on Wednesday and Thursday through the “Let’s Talk one-on-one” resource.

Same-day counseling services are also available in Building 27 for individuals in urgent need. To schedule a same-day appointment or a brief screening that will take place within a few days, call 805-756-2511. This number also serves as a crisis line for immediate services at all times of day. 

For Cal Poly employees in need of support, the Employee Assistance Program offers counseling to all Cal Poly employees and their families. Counselors are available at all times of day through the 24-hour support hotline at 800-367-7474.