Jenna Brown

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After hosting one of the largest dance competitions in the county, the Cal Poly Ballroom Club is settling back into its natural rhythm.

The seventh annual Mustang Ball had more than 200 competitors this past weekend from schools across California, Utah and Arizona.

“It is often known as everyone’s favorite competition because there is a pretty big DanceSport community in California,” Ballroom Club President Alicia Hammond said. “The Mustang Ball unites Northern and Southern California DanceSport, and since it’s right in the middle everybody comes.”

With their biggest event of the year behind them, the club is now focusing on hosting weekly dance lessons that anyone can attend, even if they are a beginner.

“Beginning means nobody there has ever done it before,” Hammond said. “So if you think you can’t dance, that’s no reason not to come because we’re going to teach you how to dance.”

Lessons take place on campus every Thursday, and are taught in a variety of styles including East Coast swing, rhumba, and cha-cha.

“Everybody is encouraged to come dance with us,” Hammond said.

Those interested in finding out more can go to the club’s website.

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