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Since 2003, Cal Poly’s Center for Service in Action has hosted social justice leaders, like writer and activist Angela Davis, and led workshops for its annual ‘Change the Status Quo.’ This year’s installment was on Feb. 26 and started out with a keynote address from Hoda Katebi, a Chicago-based writer, abolitionist organizer and creative educator.

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Some of Katebi’s main causes that she spoke about included ethical fashion, freedom for Palestine and social justice for minorities and people of color in America.

“A lot of my work is really thinking about the intersection of labor, gender, capitalism, racial capitalism, anti-Muslim violence and empire, and how all of these are actually connected,” Katebi said.

After the keynote address, participants like business sophomore Elyssa Abbott had the opportunity to speak with Katebi one-on-one.

“I thought the keynote speaker was really inspiring,” Abbott said. “She’s relatively young which makes her relatable and able to engage us in different ways.”

The rest of the day included a variety of staff-led workshops on topics including antisemitism, modern-day racism and sustainable fashion.

In addition to ‘Change the Status Quo,’ Cal Poly’s Center for Service in Action also offers students service-learning trips, community service opportunities and more. More information can be found online at

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