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Cal Poly is hosting Earth Week April 25 to 27 with the Zero Waste Club’s Patagonia Worn Wear College Tour starting off the week. Throughout the week there will events, presentations and booths to compliment the theme of each day. 

Cal Poly alumna and sustainability coordinator Kylee Singh planned this week to educate students, staff and faculty on all the great work the university is doing to go climate neutral, she said.

Each day has a theme to highlight work around zero waste, climate and clean tech and local food and water, Singh said. 

The events and themes are as follows:

April 25: Zero Waste

Graphic by Gurpreet Bhoot

April 26: Climate and Clean Tech

Graphic by Gurpreet Bhoot

April 27: Local Food and Water

Graphic by Gurpreet Bhoot

It’s Singh’s first full year working on campus and she said she is excited to help spread her love for the environment. In order to make sure students and faculty get the most out of the week, Singh crowdsourced to brainstorm ideas for events so she would be sure that they are something the community would want to go to, Singh said. 

Singh highlighted a few events she feels most passionate about: REC Solar Presentation, Cal Poly Climate Action, Ag and Climate Change and Getting Things Done on a Global Scale with Jason Clay.

Someday soon, incoming freshmen will choose Cal Poly not only because what an awesome university we have, but because we are a campus that prioritizes sustainability and diversity efforts,” Singh said.

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