The recital will occur in the Davidson Music Center during Mustang Family Weekend. Credit: Annika Norquist / Mustang News

Cal Poly music department faculty members will display their musical expertise in a Faculty Showcase recital as part of Cal Poly’s Mustang Family Weekend. 

The recital will occur at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 20 in Room 218 of the Davidson Music Center. The performance will showcase intimate works that emphasize the faculty’s artistic accomplishments. 

The recitalists include Paul Woodring, Idona Cabrinha, Christopher Woodruff, Heidi B. Yi and John Astaire, as well as new faculty members Janet Joichi, Megan Chartier, Anthony Yi, Inga Swearingen, Jennifer Freye, Sarra Hey-Folick and Stephen Nutt. These musicians are acknowledged across California for their skill in both solo and chamber ensemble performances. 

The Director of Bands in the department, Christopher Woodruff, manages and organizes the faculty recitals, which he began in the fall of 2018, with plenty of time and effort put into coordinating such shows. Many faculty members have taken time outside their work schedules to rehearse and create a skillful show. Woodruff’s intent is to facilitate an opportunity for students to observe the faculty in a performance setting, create a space for faculty to work together to create music and showcase the musical expertise the Music Department strives towards.    

“It’s the one time in the year that some of our faculty get to play with one another. Some of us are local musicians carrying a portfolio of teaching, contracting and performing in several arts organizations up and down the Central Coast and are only on campus when [we’re] teaching our students,” Woodruff said. “It’s great when we can schedule an event that brings us together.”

Woodruff will be working with Megan Chartier who is the presenter for the recital, to perform a selection from the “Sonata for Trumpet and Cello” by Yves. 

New staff member and saxophonist Anthony Yi and oboist Heidi B. Yi will perform two movements from Georg Philipp Telemann’s “Sonata No. 5 for Two Flutes.” The married couple find that they have little time to play together anymore.

“I always look forward to when we get a chance to make music together,” Anthony Yi said.  

This will be his first time performing with Cal Poly. However, he has been an audience member at these recitals for the past couple of years. 

 “As professional musicians, this is what we do,” Anthony Yi said. “ I believe we will all play beautifully, and it should be a stunning night of music.”