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After facing a surge in COVID-19 cases upon returning from winter break, students and faculty are wondering about the university’s plan for returning for the spring quarter.

Cal Poly has currently not finalized its plan and protocol for students and faculty returning to campus after spring break. 

“The university is constantly planning and implementing policies and procedures around COVID-19, in response to the ever-evolving circumstances of the pandemic,” Media Relations Director Matt Lazier told Mustang News. 

At the moment, it is too early to share whether or not students and faculty will need to be tested before returning on March 28. This would be decided by Cal Poly, CSU and San Luis Obispo County Public Health officials who will develop the plan for returning to campus. 

The County lifted its mask mandate on Wednesday due to a slow decline in positive COVID-19 cases. However, as students return to campus from spring break some question whether or not a spike in cases will happen once again. 

Graphic communication senior James Lilly said he believes that although the state of California had reduced its mask mandate, Cal Poly should continue to enforce COVID-19 protocols returning from spring break. 

“Even if our cases go down or are completely negligible, we will still need to be conscientious of this virus and how we can help keep it in check,” Lilly said.

Avery Anderson, a student testing assistant at the on-campus testing site said she hopes testing the first week back won’t be necessary, recalling the hour-long lines during the first week of winter quarter.

“It would make my job a lot more stressful if students are required to test during the first week of spring quarter,” Anderson said.

Graphic communications junior Flannery Conner said it would be best to have students get tested before returning to campus after spring break. 

“There are definitely going to be a lot of students partying this spring break which could lead to many outbreaks on campus,” Conner said. 

Cal Poly will communicate plans for the start of spring quarter before the university’s spring break begins.

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