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Editor’s Note: This article contains references to sexual assault and violence.

Cal Poly campus organizations are hosting events Wednesday, offering a space for students to show solidarity with sexual assault survivors.

These events come after two on-campus sexual assaults that students have been notified of in the past month.

A Cal Poly Standing with Survivors event will be held outside the University Union at 4:10 p.m. The dialogue will be hosted by Women in Business and The Women’s Network to address sexual violence, advocate for solutions and raise awareness of available resources.

Other women-focused clubs and guest speakers will be featured, including Erica Stewart, San Luis Obispo’s mayor and Campus Health and Wellbeing’s assistant marketing director.

“Their hope is that this event will amplify voices, existing resources, and proposed changes, but also that it will create a space for our campus to feel safe, supported, and heard in fight for change,” Safer said in an Instagram post.

At 5 p.m., Cal Poly’s Safer will lead a Survivor Solidarity Walk. The walk will go from the University Union to Architecture Graveyard to “reclaim the space and stand in solidarity with survivors,” Safer said in an Instagram post.

Participants in the walk are welcome to help reclaim the space by hammocking, hanging out, listening to music and creating art in Architecture Graveyard after the walk.

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