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You snooze, you lose — at least according to the Spritely developers, a sleep-tracking device that makes sure you wake up and stay up.

Spritely was developed approximately a year ago by business administration sophomore Dylan Brodsky and former computer science student, Fred Wilby. Spritely is currently in a crowdfunding stage on Indiegogo.

“Anyone can use an improvement to their mornings,” Brodsky said.

Spritely works as a thin sensor strip that users place under a mattress. This sensor is connected to a mobile app that lets users set their desired wake-up time. The device also allows users to be woken up during their lightest sleep cycle and up before their scheduled alarm.

According to the team, using Spritely will improve your sleep over time.

“Spritely provides a sleep score and uses light, temperature and other sensors to provide tips on how the user can improve their sleep,” Wilby said. “This system pushes you in the direction of healthy patterns by giving you actionable guidance in improving your sleep and correcting you if you start to fall off track.”

What makes Spritely different than other sleep cycle devices, according to its developers, is that this product helps you stay out of bed through its sensor system.

“Unlike other sleep trackers, we want to build better sleeping habits on a long-term basis,” Brodsky said.

The team recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund further development of its product. It expects to begin shipping Spritely by the end of the year.

After its campaign, the Spritely team hopes to bring this patent-pending product to other retailers and possibly develop other applications for its sensor such as infant tracking or geriatric tracking.

“Our main goal for Spritely is of course to help people sleep and wake up better,” Wilby said. “But we also hope that it will give us the opportunity to develop other applications of the sensor where we believe it can greatly improve on existing solutions.”

Courtesy photo | Mustang News
Courtesy photo | Mustang News

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