Cal Poly’s student run Jewish organization, San Luis Obispo Hillel, is putting a virtual twist on their events this quarter. 

“We’re really working on having those personal connections with people,” SLO Hillel Vice President of External Affairs Emma Tick-Raker said. 

SLO Hillel is a social Jewish organization that puts on religious, cultural and social events for the community. SLO Hillel allows Jewish students to come together and take part in fun events, while meeting other students with similar backgrounds.

Tick-Raker said she hopes to reach out to freshmen who cannot return to campus. 

“It’s really unfortunate for those freshmen who only got two quarters of Hillel, but we’re really trying to do that personal, ‘Hey I loved seeing you at those events during winter and fall and we’d love to have you join our zoom session’,” Tick-Raker said.

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Cal Poly freshman Genevieve Kessler said that while being away from Cal Poly has been difficult, SLO Hillel has helped her stay in contact with friends. 

“What makes that community so strong is our events, seeing each other and in-person things,” Kessler said. “So I think that’s something I miss.” 

While SLO Hillel cancelled in-person events for spring quarter, the organization plans to have more online events such as workout and cooking classes. Cal Poly students can get involved with SLO Hillel by signing up for newsletters on SLO Hillel’s website, and attending the Zoom events that are posted to SLO Hillel’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

“Because my freshman year got cut short, it’s nice to see that these relationships and these connections aren’t just kind of phasing out,” Kessler said. “They’re still there and they are still an important part of our lives because everyone is making an effort.

SLO Hillel’s general board meets every other Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Zoom. 

“It’s still going on,” Kessler said. “Life is a little more normal right now.” 

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