This poster was found in the Education Building (building 2) on a bulletin board. The photo of this poster was taken on Jan. 12. It has since been removed. | Andi Di Matteo/ Mustang News

Cal Poly University Police received one phone complaint regarding the controversial posters circulating around campus tagged #RealSLOSolidarity.

The university is aware of the posting of these flyers, but does not know the source.

“University administration finds the messages on these particular posters to be vile and distasteful and that administration is committed to a welcoming and inclusive campus community where a diversity of perspectives and cultures are embraced, respected and celebrated,” university spokesperson Matt Lazier said in an email. “However, Cal Poly is a free speech campus and postings with potentially offensive content are permitted in assigned locations (except for those that include threatening language.)”

The signage was removed in locations on campus that were in violation of campus posting policy, not because of content, but because of temporary signage campus policies regarding placement and duration of time that signage has been up.

In section 144.5- 144.7 of the policy, it states:

  • Temporary non-commercial signage shall clearly identify the date of posting.
  • Temporary signage may not be placed on the outside of buildings (walls, doors, windows, roofs or steps) or on interior doors, windows, walls, floors or ceilings. Temporary signage may not be placed on trees, poles, traffic signs, trashcans, fences, or hillsides. Temporary signage may also not obstruct the entrances or exits of buildings or the line of vision to vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Posting of signage on vehicles without the owner’s permission is also not permitted.
  • The organization responsible for placing temporary signage shall be responsible for its removal no more than two weeks after its posting or, if it is advertising an event, when the event is over.
  • Organizations or persons who fail to remove temporary signage in a timely manner may be held responsible for the cost of its removal.
  • Placement of temporary signage is subject to review by Facility Services for interference with University operations and safety and compliance with specific guidelines regarding size, format and placement.

Some students responded to the signage on social media.

Welcome to cal poly slo where straight white males feel oppressed by the 30% and under minority #RealSLOSolidarity

— ????? (@christyluong_) January 19, 2017

Lauren Moore sent a public message to the Facebook Page Cal Poly VPSA Keith Humphrey.

Cal Poly Vice President for Student Affairs Keith Humphrey commented on her post and directed students to a post on his own Facebook page on Monday, Jan. 23 at 3:52 p.m. In reference to the posters, Humphrey wrote “The Bias Incident Response Team has, and will continue to, review the impact of acts like the anonymous fliers posted in academic buildings. That ongoing dialogue and others like it are examples of conversations and discussion that will help to move our community forward.”

The Cal Poly Queer Student Union (QSU) are looking for swift action from the administration.

“The lack of action they have taken now and in past related events begs the question: does the Cal Poly administration value free speech more than their ‘dedication’ to making an inclusive campus,” QSU said in an emailed statement to Mustang News.

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