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Editorial: Cal Poly’s communication is failing us

Cal Poly’s administrative staff has repeatedly blocked Mustang News from receiving vital and basic information — even when it’s pertinent to the public safety and health of their own campus community. The Mustang News staff works diligently to provide information and clarity on everything from COVID-19 policies and ASI elections to breaking news on emergency […]

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University searching for a reproductive specialist to fill vacancy at Campus Health and Wellbeing

Cal Poly is looking to add a physician to the team at Campus Health and Wellbeing with an emphasis on reproductive health. Campus Health and Wellbeing previously had a doctor with specialization in gynecology, but the position has been vacant since this summer. The health center’s nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants are able to provide […]

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Bicycle citations around campus are increasing: Here is what you need to know

Cal Poly students have noticed an increase in biking citations for those commuting to campus, sparking interest over whether the University Police Department (UPD) is cracking down on traffic violations this year. The intersection at California St. and Foothill Blvd. has become a recurring spot for traffic violations on bikes, according to reports from multiple […]