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Several major construction projects have reshaped the appearance of Cal Poly’s campus over the last few years and students can expect more construction to come.

The biggest project was the construction and renovation of the Alex G. Spanos Stadium, which was completed in February.

The stadium was a very complex project that came with an aggressive schedule for completion, said Facilities Planning and Capital Projects Associate Director Johan Uyttewaal.

The construction of the stadium would bring the total number of seats to 11,775. The construction also realigned California Boulevard, widened the athletic playing field, and added Memorial Plaza at the southwest corner of the stadium.

Nearby, the Engineering IV building opened in March, but lab classrooms won’t be ready until this fall.

Projects still under construction include Poly Canyon Village, an apartment complex for students that will accommodate approximately 2,679 students. See page 46 for the full story.

The first phase of the project is expected to be finished in June of 2008 and the completion of the project is set for June of 2009.

With more students living on campus, the Cal Poly Housing and Residential Life department decided to renovate its own building too.

“The past three or four years have been really hectic for us,” Uyttewall said.

A new housing administration building is nearly complete and on track to open next month.

The 8,300 square foot building will provide a facility for prospective students and their families to be introduced to the Cal Poly housing program, and to serve present and future housing developments on campus.

Students aren’t the only ones getting new housing. A faculty and staff apartment complex is still under construction, although some families have already moved in. Bella Monta¤a is located off campus at the intersection of U.S. Highway 1 and Highland Drive.

Limited housing supply and overwhelming demand in San Luis Obispo County have created a critical need for faculty and staff housing, Uyttewall said.

The Bella Monta¤a units should help recruit new faculty and retain existing staff.

A new building for construction management and architecture majors called the Center for Construction Excellence is also underway on Perimeter Drive next to the Graphic Communications building. The project is expected to be completed in May of 2008.

“The building is the most innovative model out there,” said Dr. Barbara Jackson, Director of the California Center for Construction Education.

There will be seven new labs based on industry sectors including contract administration, safety management and scheduling.

“The building is a whole new model of tying curriculum with the facilities,” Jackson said.

The Center for Construction Excellence integrates the multiple factions of construction management and was funded by both public and private sectors.

Cal Poly has built projects off campus as well. A seawater pumping system was completed at Avila Beach on a pier in San Luis Bay in March.

The new Center for Coastal Marine Sciences facility will be used to provide life support for local fauna and flora for both undergraduate education and collaborative research efforts.

There are several other projects still in the planning phase of construction. A new science center is the next big project that is expected to start in the summer of 2008. The new building will be four to five stories tall and will require the demolition of part of the existing science building.

Plans have also been revealed for renovation of Kennedy Library and the Davidson Music building.

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