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Cal Poly Campus Dining hosted ‘Food For Thought’ on Tuesday in the University Union. The forum allowed students to make public comments and suggestions to dining representatives and chefs.

The discussion is meant to allow students to voice their concerns and allow dining to make changes that meet the needs of students.

Topics ranged from menu variety to food restriction accommodations.

Campus Dining Director Jess Dozier said that the organization is planning to implement a Vista Grande favorites system at the end of the quarter that would allow students to vote on their favorite meals and keep them on the menu rotation.

“Having conversations with students and engaging in small groups is the ultimate goal,” Dozier said.

Virtual comments from students concerned the topics of food access, food variety and sustainability within dining.

Cal Poly Corporation spokesperson Aaron Lambert addressed the issue of sustainability in dining on campus and said that Vista Grande was intended to be a facility that used dishware and utensils, but the pandemic got in the way of that plan.

Executive Chef Chris Dunham added that the aluminum containers that Vista Grande offers are recyclable according to county recycling restrictions. 

Dozier also said that the county guidelines on recycling restrict a lot of what dining has in mind when it comes to sustainability.

Campus Dining is hoping that with the opening of the new dining structure, which is set to open next year, they can alleviate some of the student concerns.