I like Mr. McThrow’s thinking regarding solving the bike problem. But why stop at bridges? Let’s make our campus rival Disneyland. I propose installing gondolas, underground passageways, moving sidewalks, trolleys, escalators, cable cars, monorails and some tunnels.

The speed limit and stop sign idea is interesting as well. Should we propose that the campus police provide speedometers to all cyclists? And let’s throw some stop signs all over the place. That way it will be even more inconvenient to bike on campus. Though in doing so we “will force cyclists to be more aware of their surroundings.” (Never mind those walking in the bike lanes on Via Carta. They’re aware enough, right?) Your intentions are well received, however, your “easy” solution seems to ignore the amount of planning, labor, time and cash required for such a plan.

Gregg Baker
Mechanical engineering senior

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