I think there is something wrong with the elevators in the library. I’m a civil engineer and am lucky enough not to have to take vibrations classes that mechanicals do, but I’m pretty sure elevators are not supposed to shake violently.

It’s even scarier to look at the inspection sheets inside the elevator which expired in August. Nevertheless, I’m lazy and still take the elevators.

This whole debate about bicyclists versus pedestrians is fine. I don’t think bikers cause a problem nor do pedestrians. What annoys me are the signs that warn bikers of their impending fines. They are bulky and in the way of traffic – both bicycle and pedestrian. Give out your tickets, University Police Department, and boost your egos, but please remove those signs. They are more hazardous than either bicycles speeding down a hill or students walking in bike lanes.

On that note, I’m more worried about the DRC destruction derby vans. I have witnessed students diving out of the way of the DRC vans or bikers nearly dodging a head on collision. I fear someday being run over by the vans; I can see it now … “Student run over by DRC van now frequent rider.”

Finally, I read the Mustang Daily daily, but I’m tired of finishing the paper only to find my fingers coated in ink. I don’t know much about the newspaper industry but maybe you guys could let them dry a little longer or switch to an ink that doesn’t smear so easily. Just a thought.

Joe Heavin
Civil engineering junior

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